Friday, 24 January 2014

[Book Review] Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

written by Rainbow Rowell
336 pages, Chick Lit/ Contemporary/ Romance
Published January 1st 2011 by Dutton Books

He was never going to send them a warning. Because he liked them. Because he thought they were nice and smart and funny. Really funny--sometimes they made him laugh out loud at his desk. He liked how they teased each other and looked out for each other. He wished that he had a friend at work he could talk to like that.
Jennifer and Beth work for the local newspaper. They know that their company monitors their office email, but they’re still sending emails to each other. Sometimes, the emails are too personal and inappropriate, which is why it got flagged and sent to the IT department’s files for review.

The one and only people at IT department, Lincoln, is the guy who sort the flagged email and decides whether it really inappropriate or not. If it really are, then he would send a warning to them. But Lincoln couldn’t turn Beth and Jennifer in for misusing company email. The first time he read their email, he finds himself so caught up in their story and lives. So he didn’t send them a warning. And didn’t the second time, or the third time. Or any time their emails gets flagged (which is, lots of time).

Of course he’s feeling guilty for spying other people’s email. But that’s his job, isn’t it? So he’s trying not to open their email whenever it pop up in his folder, flagged as usual. BUT THAT’S HARD. HE HAS TO KNOW THE NEXT PART OF THEIR STORIES!

And then suddenly Beth starts to write about the New Cute Guy to Jennifer. You know when you talked about your crush with your girl friends? That’s exactly what Beth and Jennifer do. Their emails are not about their drama anymore, but about the Beth’s New Cute Guy. Lincoln’s focus begins to switch on Beth. He is jealous. Jealous for someone he never met (or seen).

That’s when he realize that he falls in love with Beth. 

He felt like he could hear her talking when he read her email, like he could see her even though he still didn’t know what she looked like. He felt like he could hear her laughing.

Because his odd shift prevent him to meet Beth on work, so he just wanders through her room in the middle of the night, wondering which one is her desk. Of course he would know. Hers does have a photo of a guy playing guitar attached in the computer.

Hang on a sec.

Yes. Beth has a boyfriend. The real, gorgeous, and swoon-worthy boyfriend who also the guitar player for a band named Sacajawea. And how in the hell Beth could developing a crush to the New Cute Guy when she already has a perfect boyfriend?

And I almost had a heart attack when the New Cute Guy is……. Lincoln.

This is the first time I read Rainbow Rowell’s book. I’ve often heard (or read, in my case) from people outside that how beautifully written her books are. And now I believe in you, folks! But… I don’t really like the cover. You know, Rainbow Rowell’s books are known for the cuteness of the cover. And I think Attachments is the least one.

Except for this one maybe (sorry I forgot the source *grin*)
One (of many!) thing I love about Attachments is the writing format. Beth and Jennifer’s chapters are written as emails, while Lincoln’s are in narrative. I think the email’s chapters are the great way to show the readers what exactly Lincoln was seeing. So the readers could understand why he really caught up with their funny and entertaining stories about their life (which is, really entertaining!).

And, this book is not only about Beth and Jennifer. In fact, it’s mainly about Lincoln. He’s a guy whose heart is broken and struggling to out from it. He just moved back to his mother’s house and takes this odd-hour job that keeps him to have a relationship with people. Any people. Then he has to deal with his feeling again to someone he never met.

In my own opinion, I think Lincoln is a little bit coward (sorry!). He knows that what he has done is crossing the line, but he just can’t help himself because he’s kind of in love. That makes me remember of a quote from Piper Shelly’s book “when you’re in love, there’s this denial button you just switch on, and everything is good for a while”. So yes, he’s forgiven.


Attachments is not only a simple and romantic book. It also about how to find and trust yourself again after having a big down in life. There’s a moment when I just want to hug Lincoln and say “It’s okay, it’s okay. You did the right thing.” He’s such a kindhearted and innocent guy, who sees love as black and white. Never hurt someone he loves, and never ashamed of his mother even she’s kind of annoying (he brings her mom’s cook to office and not ashamed of it. Aw cute!).

I stayed up until 3AM just to finish this book. I thought I couldn't sleep either before knowing how the ending, and I don't regret it! Pffft, now I need another book from Rainbow Rowell. Like, right now.

One of my favorite quote from Attachments: 

“Wouldn’t it be romantic,” she said, “to marry your high school sweetheart? When people ask us how we met I’ll say, ‘We met in high school. I saw him, and I just knew.’ And they’ll say, ‘Didn’t you ever wonder what it would be like to be with someone else?’ And you’ll say… Lincoln, what will you say?”

So, do you believe in love before the first sight?

About Author
 Rainbow Rowell is a columnist at the Omaha World-Herald. She lives in Nebraska with her husband and two children. Attachments is her first novel. She has two novels coming in 2013, Eleanor & Park and Fangirl. Landline is her 4th novel. Right at this moment, she is probably arguing with someone about something that doesn't really matter in the big scheme of things--or trying to figure out how Sherlock faked his death. Visit her at

PS: This is my first book review full in english. Sorry if there are lots of mistake (grammar, tenses, etc) because english is not my first language. I'm trying here...



    Hmm... I think the idea for this book is very interesting, in some way if it is delivered badly it would become a downfall (...) but I think from your review it's delivered well~ although I wonder how can we love someone just by stalking their email conversations O O

    And... did you spoiled me that finally Beth really can meet Lincoln? =)) Wua, I think I have to read this book some time~~

  2. THANK YOU!!
    Still a lot mistakes in the grammar/tenses huhu. Yeah, the story is well-written, Rainbow Rowell's style (I love Rainbow Rowell!)

    No, I think love could come from different ways. Because sometimes we also fangirling over hot boys (UHUK!) so much. I know, there's not count as love. But there are always possibilies, right? ;)

    Sorry for spoiling, but really...... you should read the book ;)