Sunday, 11 August 2013

Nine's Legacy (The Lost Files #2)

The Lost Files #2- Nine's Legacy
Lore, Pittacus
144 pages
"Just because you’ve got a destiny doesn’t mean you don’t also have a life to live."

So, this is my first time to write a full-english review. Honestly, my grammar is not that good. I really apologize if there’s a mistake in grammar or in the vocab.

 Last night I finished Nine’s Legacy. Second mini novel of The Lost Files by Pittacus Lore.  So far, I enjoy reading Pittacus Lore’s novel. Full of action, escape, and fight between Garde Lorien and their mortal enemies, Mogadorian. this book is based Nine’s point of view. He has been running for years with his Cepan, Sandor.

They finally decided to stay in the John Hancock Center, Chicago, for almost five years, after got tired of running. Five years of boredom makes Nine (or, his current name, Stanley) started to make "something stupid". Nine had those kind of high tech gadget he call it iMog, something like iPod. Instead of screen with music tracks, it just filled with solitary white dotted against a field of black. White dot is Nine. If there's Mogadorians around, it will appear as red dot.

One day, the red dot appeared, one Mogs is following him. Rather than running, Nine is just trapped him in the elevator of John Hancock Center, and killed it. Sandor, who doesn't like the nine's stunt, finally decided to train him harder and registered him to Windy City Wall, some kind of gym. In there, he fell in love with a girl named Maddy.

I knew something is wrong about her. It’s just like everything going to get worse since Garde started to know someone stranger, especially girl (remember Sarah, huh?).

I enjoyed reading this book. Just like Six’s Legacy, this book is really thin. I like Nine, more than I like John (Four). He seems strong and funny—or, sarcasm—kind of guy you fall in love with, despite of his destiny to protect his planet, Lorien. I mean, all of his own is not for you.

I think it’s important to read those Lost Files before starting to read The Fall of Five, which is released on the next August 23rd. Ciao.

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